Basic Course / Young Adult Dogs (English)

Basic Course / Young Adult Dogs (English) 
Time & Place of the course
  • Mondays 16:00 - 18:00 pm
  • You can start at any time
  • Courses take place in all weather conditions
WHERE? On different places, mostly on our Trainings-Place: Above the final station of Tram no. 13, at Albisgüetli Zürich
  • During thunderstorms we try to perform the training in suitable places
  • I will let you know right away if you have to bring something special for the course
What to bring to the training
For the 1st lesson ·       vaccination passport
·       ID/Passport or driving license of the dog owner
In every lesson ·       Course fee (in an envelope with your name on it)
·       Lots of delicious little snacks (best in a little bag) so you can reward your dog during the training
·       A high reward food such as “Le Parfait” or “Harmony dog delikatess“
·       Toy, no ball
·       Towel (in case of rain)
·       Water bowl (when it’s hot)
·       RobiDog-bags
·       Well-fitting collar or harness, please no Flexileine / Lanyard
Requirements for training
Age The minimum age shoud be after 14 weeks. There is no maximum age. A dog always learns, it doesn’t matter in what age.
Health Your dog needs to be healthy! If your four-legged friend does not feel well, please inform us in advance! Sick dogs or dogs with pain will learn the wrong things and link their discomfort with the dog school situation.
Chip & Deworming ·         Your dog hast to be chipped (we need to control that for the big breeds)
·         and dewormed.
Vaccination Your dog always has to have the required vaccinations.
Course content

Basic course dog training, young adult dog course
All our courses are recognized according to the Animal Protection Law & Dog Regulations of the Canton of Zurich.
We are addressing our courses to motivated people who like to work with their dogs and enjoy training with them.
We always rely on the latest scientific knowledge and the learning behavior of dogs according to learning theory.

Content of our lessons:
• Working together to build a solid human-dog relationship
• Social games, as well as dog encounters on a leash
• Dog-appropriate learning of the most important basic commands and education
• Concentration and bonding exercises
• Search and bring games
• Getting to know different everyday situations, (tram, vet, neighborhood, shopping center,
collar training, muzzle training, boxing training, etc.)
• Q & A sessions
Important notes for a good training:
Please read the rules of our dog school:
Keeping enough distance to the other human-dog teams is stress-free and very important.
This should be considered before, during and after training!

Fees & Subscriptions     Fr.
Trial lesson (possible 1x, afterwards a subscription must be taken) 49.-
5 lessons subscription:
This subscription is valid for 6 month. Of course also participants with small breed dogs can get a young adult class subscription for 10 lessons, to have a solid training structure

10 lessons subscription:
This subscription is valid for 1 year.

Certificate  50.-

In case you won’t be able to attend a course, please let us know within a minimum
of 48 hours before the enrolled course date via email, otherwise we have to charge

the missed course date